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iep-snapshot-cs IEP Snapshot for the general educators to use as as reference to any of their students with an IEP.

unit-1-cs and following-units-2-ca Sheets to organize EC files.


Let us help with your professional development this year! Here are just some of the workshops we are happy to offer:

The Critical Middle Step

The Critical Middle Step is an interactive, hands-on lecture utilizing PowerPoint and videos. Attendees will learn how to identify at which stage- self-awareness, self-monitoring, or self-control- each of their students are in for specific behaviors. Special attention will be paid to the critical middle step of self-monitoring. Attendees will fully understand why this step is the most important and how to help their student use creative strategies to achieve academic, personal, and social goals. Not only does this aid in overall balance in classroom communities and academic successes, it empowers students to improve their social interactions.  Attendees will understand how to help their students write personal plans with individual goals.  This will lead the students in learning how to help them create strategies for solving problems that have been problems for some time.   Discussions of how research supports moving in this systematic approach will be covered.  As students move through their individual plans, they will be gaining tools that leads to the ability to set boundaries that maintain personal rights while paying attention to the rights of others . A variety of resources that can be utilized within their classrooms will be provided for teachers.


We can help you by providing in school observations to help determine specific needs or areas of improvement to help the child obtain more successes in his/her school environment.

Preparing for Monitoring Visits: 

As two former EC Directors, we have been through several monitoring visits from NCDPI. We are happy to help prepare you for your upcoming visit.

611 Grant Writing:

Christina and Wendy are happy to write your 611 grant for your district.