Services For Families

 Orton-Gillingham Tutoring

OG s a multi-sensory, systematic, and individualized approach to teach reading and spelling. Christina has completed the extensive OG training necessary to work with your child. If you have questions regarding the OG methodology or specifics on tutoring, please send us an e-mail at

60 minute session $60

Speech-Language Therapy

Wendy is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She can provide speech and language therapy and evaluations. We now provide individual social skills sessions for children of all ages!

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Social Skills Classes

For some students, obtaining and utilizing good social skills does not come naturally.  They move through their environment having a difficult time communicating and understanding more than just direct language-based interactions.  For example, good social skills include sharing space with others and learning to regulate one’s behavior to other peoples’ thoughts or expectations. For some students, these skills need to be taught.

Your child does not need a diagnosis to attend our Mindful Thinking for Social Expectations classes.  These classes are designed for any child needing to learn how to “think” about thinking as well as understand more about the complex social world in which we live.  While times of movement will be available, students must be able to sit in a room with a small group for one hour.

Parents will meet in a separate room and are required to attend each session so true integration can occur at home. We are also offering a corresponding sibling class during this time. To register, please visit or email us

Groups are separated depending on age/grade.  Group sizes will be kept small with no more than five children in each group.   The cost for a six-week session is $225.00. Please check out our “Upcoming Events” tab at the top of the home screen for more details.



Paperwork Review and Consultation:

If you have questions based on information you’ve received from your school, this is a great place to start! We will review any information and answer general questions that you may have. Some examples of paperwork could be IEPs, 504s, or any other special education forms. We will begin with getting your paperwork, reviewing your paperwork, and setting up a meeting to discuss individual needs and answer any questions. The meeting typically will last one hour.  The cost for this service is $120.

Meeting Preparation:

If you have a meeting scheduled and want to be prepared, we can help. We are happy to look through data, previous paperwork, and any evaluations or other information regarding your child’s unique needs. We will help you understand the forms that will be filled out during the meeting and help you know how to ask for what your child needs. The cost for this service is $150.


Special education and 504 meetings can be overwhelming. If you need help understanding what is being said at one of these meetings or you need help asking for what your child needs, we are happy to be an advocate for your child at your meeting.  Hourly rates for attendance at your child’s meeting is $90 per hour. Advocacy meetings need to be scheduled two to three weeks in advance so we have time to open our schedule. 

Classes/Workshops for Parents and Children:

For the latest posts and information, please enter your e-mail address in the “follow the blog” on the home screen.  You will get e-mails directly sent to your inbox with the latest news.  All of our monthly classes are listed under the “Upcoming Events” tab at the top of the home screen as well.  We love to hear from you! Please send any questions to